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Experts Weigh In – Does Dieting Help Cellulite Reduction?


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If you have dimples of fatty cellulite on your hips legs and buttocks, you may have thought about going on a diet to try to get rid of this embarrassing condition. However, according to some experts this may not be an effective strategy at all.

Unfortunately, the look of cellulite has less to do with carrying excess weight, and more to do with the tone of the muscle that is lying beneath your fat deposits. Apparently there are exercises you can do at home to firm these specific muscles which can supposedly smooth out cellulite and improve your body’s appearance dramatically.

More info about this approach is available in a program called Truth About Cellulite. Here’s the company website.

If you try it, please let us know how it works for you, and any other thoughts you may have on whether it is a system worth trying.


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