What Are The Best San Francisco Neighborhoods For Millenials?

san francisco skyline

A recent study (sorry no link) has been found that the San Francisco area is becoming more and more popular as a place for millenials to come and live after they start making a little money. If you live in the area yourself then this is probably no big revelation. Every year it seems like more millenials and fresh smarty-pants graduates tend to settle down in the bay area. Obviously the availability of super high paying career opportunities and the awesome living conditions have played a major role in this.

But what are the best places in the bay area for millenials?

I thought you’d never ask. To answer your question, here is my list of the best places near San Francisco where millenials should consider settling down.

1. The Mission – Millenials love to have fun and they prefer to living in areas that have an active nightlife, and as a result, the mission has become extremely popular with the younger set. Mission Street is considered the “main drag” by the people who live in the area, and it is a lively place no doubt about it. Not only are there a wide variety of foreign restaurants and theaters, but it is also located in close proximity to the downtown and offers convenient access to public transit.

2. Mission Bay – Mission Bay is considered as one of the newest neighborhoods in San Francisco and it is extremely popular among millenials. One factor in this (as odd as it may sound) is the fact that according to statistics millenials prefer to live in a ground floor houses and apartments. Well, here in Mission Bay it is very easy to find a ground floor pad as most of the buildings are still under construction. People who are planning to work in the tech industry in the Silicon Valley often prefer to settle down in Mission Bay.

3. The Marina – The sweet, sweet Marina is preferred by millenials who are ready to start living it up with an extra luxurious lifestyle. Not only is the Marina right on the water, but it also boasts great shopping, including an Apple store, fancy high-end baby boutiques, sushi bars, and all types of classy spots like that.

I kid you not, it is a common sight to see people walking around this area with their pure bred Golden Retrievers looking like they just stepped out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

4. Orinda – You might be surprised, but Orinda is currently extremely popular with the under 30 crowd. A lot of this has to do with the custom built homes they are building over there. Seeing as how millenials typically prefer to live in a customized home, it makes sense that they would be drawn to settle down in Orinda without a doubt about it. Another benefit to this area is the fact that it has one of the highest ranked high schools in the country (it plays to plan ahead.)

5. Palo Alto – Seeing as how Palo Alto is the home to Stanford University it makes sense that younglings who are looking forward to continuing their higher ed studies would tend to settle down in Palo Alto. Then there is also the fact that its the starting point for so many world famous tech start-ups like Facebook. I think that a lot of young folks who have the dream of becoming an entrepreneur like hanging out in Palo Alto and settling down there.

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Experts Weigh In – Does Dieting Help Cellulite Reduction?

If you have dimples of fatty cellulite on your hips legs and buttocks, you may have thought about going on a diet to try to get rid of this embarrassing condition. However, according to some experts this may not be an effective strategy at all. Unfortunately, the look of cellulite has less to do with carrying excess weight, and more to do with the tone of the muscle that is lying beneath your fat deposits. Apparently there are exercises you can do at home to firm these specific muscles which can supposedly smooth out cellulite and improve your body’s appearance dramatically.

More info about this approach is available in a program called Truth About Cellulite. If you try it, please let us know how it works, and let us know if it is a good system worth trying.


Fun Outdoor Activities That Help You Lose Weight

couple going for a hike

Are you feeling like you should probably try to lose a pound, or two, or forty? You’re not alone.

These days a lot of Americans are overweight or even obese. And for some reason in this modern world where we have more diet pills than ever, people still struggle horribly with losing weight. There are a lot of different theories out there about why  so many people find it such a difficult task to lose weight.

Here’s my theory – I think it’s mainly because people don’t want to engage in long, boring and frustrating workouts that waste their time and leave them feeling drained. Well here’s the good news – what if I told you that there were some fun activities that I have discovered that you can do that will help you to lose weight while you are outside enjoying the great outdoors?

Obviously most of us would love the idea of having fun while losing weight right? heck yeah, what could be better than that! So here is my  list of some fun things that you can do outdoors in order to lose weight:

1. Surf the waves – As you probably already know, surfing can be an extremely physically demanding activity. If you don’t have any previous experience with surfing, trust me, you will have a hard time trying to stand up the first day you are out there. And you will also be You will be burning fat very effectively by trying to stand up on the board and paddling out over and over again. But the good thing is that, even though it’s a real workout – it’s also so much fun that you won’t even notice all the calories that you are burning. It’s a very good idea to learn how to surf because not onloy are you going to have a great time but it is also associated with a wide array of health benefits.

2. Ride a bike – Mountain or road biking is another one of the best methods I can think of for losing weight fast. If you want to make your bike ride even more of a fun activity call up a friend to go on a bike ride with you. That way you can simply think about riding your bike a something fun to do with one of your friends. If you are thinking about it a simply having fun with a friend then there is no chance that you are going to see it as a frustrating activity. The best part is that you be burning calories and losing weight in no time flat (that means a very short period of time).

3. Climb a mountain – Rock climbing is another physically demanding sport that is also a really good time. Again, simply think of climbing a mountain as a fun thing to do with some of your best friends. You won’t even be thinking about how fit you are getting. But every time you complete a climb, you will have just burned off a tremendous amount of calories.

4. Grow your own – You might wonder how much weight you could really lose just having fun in the garden, but the answer is – a lot! Researchers have actually studied this and discovered that gardening has the potential to burn hundreds of calories within just a few minutes. The best part is that you will likely not feel tired right away, as you probably would if you were exercising in the gym. I don’t know what your experience will be exactly, but I always feel very energetic and have a lot of stamina when I am growing my own fruits and vegetables in my garden. Gardening will also encourage you to eat fresh food and stay away from junk food that will make you gain weight.

5. Grab a kayak – Kayak rentals are extremely inexpensive and kayaking is one of the best methods I’ve identified for losing weight at an accelerated pace. Here’s another tip – why not make it even more fun by renting a double kayak with your best friend. That way you can enjoy your friend’s company while at the same time burning up hundreds and even thousands of calories. Kayaking offers an excellent workout for your entire body and it helps you burn fat extremely fast in your upper body and core regions.